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Teeth whitening is the best way to lift, treat, and reverse stains caused by the natural aging process, tobacco use, and the consumption of dark colored food and drink that stain your teeth, such. At Horizon Dental, Dr. Hostrander offers professional whitening services with KOR products to restore and brighten your smile. Call us today to get started by scheduling an appointment.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?


Professional teeth whitening treatments all use the same basic active ingredients: peroxides. Peroxides such as hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide react to surface stains on the teeth. This reaction breaks the molecular bonds that bind the stain to the enamel of the tooth, “bleaching” it away and restoring the natural bright, white color of enamel.

Fast Results In One Treatment

in-office teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening is typically the best way to whiten your teeth if you need fast results. Dr. Dan will apply a concentrated KOR whitening paste to your teeth, and use a UV light to enhance the bleaching power of the peroxide. In just an hour, this non-invasive treatment can provide you with a smile that’s 5 shades brighter or more. Multiple treatments can be used for even better results.

Treatment On Your Own Time

take-home teeth whitening

Take-home teeth whitening consists of a set of custom-built trays, filled with a KOR whitening solution. Dr. Dan will provide you with these trays, as well as instructions on how to wear them. You’ll wear them for several weeks at home, on your own time, and whiten your teeth gradually. While take-home whitening usually takes a bit longer than in-office whitening, it will provide similar results and the gradual change will look more natural.

benefits of teeth whitening

a powerful cosmetic treatment

Teeth whitening allows you to boost your self-confidence and smile freely, especially if you are embarrassed or uncomfortable when you smile or laugh. Teeth whitening also makes you look younger, as yellowed and stained teeth are often an indicator of the aging process. The treatment is fast and non-invasive, with no numbing or sedatives required. Finally, teeth whitening is very affordable, and provides stellar results for a minimal investment.

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