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Invisalign has already helped millions of people get the straight smiles they’ve always wanted with a nearly invisible treatment. Clear, plastic aligners are custom-made for you and your smile, and they apply pressure to gradually shift your teeth into proper alignment. Whether you have crooked, gapped, or overcrowded teeth, Dr. Dan Hostrander can use Invisalign to give you the smile of your dreams!

benefits of invisalign

revolutionary treatment

The most obvious benefit of Invisalign is the nearly invisible treatment. Patients won’t need to worry about metal or rubber bands as their teeth are straightened, and you’ll be able to smile and speak confidently throughout treatment. Since the clear aligners are removable, you’ll also be able to enjoy the food and drinks you love. Interested in an invisible, removable orthodontic option? Call us today to learn more at (980) 999-5007.

get the best results

tips for successful treatment

To ensure that your Invisalign treatment is as successful as possible, it’s imperative that you care for your aligners and wear them correctly. You should wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day to get the best results. It’s also important to clean your aligners daily, and always brush your teeth before putting your aligners back on. Since aligners are removable, the success of your treatment highly depends on you. So where them diligently and call us if you have any questions!

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invisalign at horizon dental

Dr. Dan and the team at Horizon Dental love to guide patients through their journey to the smile of their dreams. If Invisalign is right for you, we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your treatment is as smooth and successful as possible. We want all of our patients to be proud of their smiles, and we would be honored to give you a straighter, more confident smile! Call us now at (980) 999-5007 or visit our office at 13425 Hoover Creek Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28273 to learn more!

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