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repair damaged teeth

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When dental issues come up, Dr. Dan Hostrander and the Horizon Dental team want to help restore your smile. We offer fillings to protect your teeth from further damage after a cavity, and root canal therapy for patients with decayed teeth. If you’re in pain, we offer emergency care and same-day appointments to put you at ease and help you get your smile back.

Restore Cavities

Composite fillings

At Horizon Dental, we offer tooth-colored composite fillings as a solution for cavities. Composite fillings are minimally-invasive, convenient, and durable, and this treatment will relieve the pain and discomfort of a cavity. You’ll leave our office with peace of mind and a smile knowing that your tooth is protected from further damage and that your filling looks natural. If you think you have a cavity, call us today to set up an appointment before it becomes a bigger problem!

Signs of Cavities & Decay

Do I Need a Filling?

Pain is the most common symptom of cavities, but only a relatively deep cavity will cause your tooth to hurt. If you are noticing other symptoms like a discolored spot on your tooth, abnormal tooth sensitivity, bad breath, or sensitivity to heat and cold, you may have a cavity! Because not all cavities cause pain, the only way to be sure that you have a cavity is to come to Horizon Dental for an oral exam with Dr. Dan. He can assess the health of your teeth, and help you understand if a filling is necessary.

replace missing teeth

full & partial Dentures

If you have one or more missing teeth, Horizon Dental offers full and partial dentures as compassionate solutions. Whether your tooth is missing due to an injury, extraction, or periodontal disease, our denture options can help! Give us a call today to learn about how full or partial dentures can help restore your smile. We'd be happy to consult with you and help you choose the best option for you.

The Benefits of Choosing


At Horizon Dental, we offer both partial and full dentures, and both have their benefits for treating your smile and restoring your teeth.

  • Affordability – A partial denture is typically the most cost-effective way to restore one or more missing teeth. The same is true of full-arch dentures. Compared to a treatment like implant-supported dentures or implant-supported bridges, full-arch dentures are an affordable way to restore the aesthetics of your smile. Additionally, dentures are usually covered by dental insurance, while some alternative treatments like dental implants are not.
  • Instant results – While it may take several weeks to build a set of permanent dentures, Dr. Dan can provide you with a set of immediate dentures that will allow you to restore your smile, chew, speak, and eat normally until your permanent dentures have been completed.
  • Long-lasting results – With proper care, both partial and full dentures can easily last 10 years or longer, though you may need some periodic maintenance such as denture relining. This makes them very cost-effective and ensures your new smile will look great for years to come.

get out of pain

root canal therapy

If your tooth becomes infected due to advanced tooth decay or cavities, it should be treated immediately. A gentle root canal from Dr. Dan at Horizon Dental will restore your tooth’s health and ensure that its natural structure is preserved. If you have a painful toothache, give us a call today to see if a root canal is necessary to save your tooth!

The Root Canal Process

Are Root Canals Painful?

No. The process of root canal therapy does not hurt, despite what you may have heard. In fact, a root canal is only about as invasive as having a tooth filled. The process is quite simple:

First, Dr. Dan will clean and numb your mouth and remove any decayed enamel. Next, he will remove the infected material and replace it with an inert, rubbery substance. Once this is complete, he will finish the procedure by placing a temporary filling or crown over your restored tooth. Usually, you’ll have a follow-up appointment within a month for a permanent crown. With numbing agents and sedation, the entire process can be completely painless.

restore your smile!

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Our restorative options will get you back to optimal oral health. Whether your teeth are damaged by decay or an injury, Dr. Dan can help with composite fillings, root canal therapy, dentures, and other compassionate treatment options. Call us today to learn more and find out how we can help relieve pain and repair damage.

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