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If you believe you have a cavity in Charlotte, immediate restorative care from Dr. Daniel Mark Hostrander at Horizon Dental is the best way to preserve your tooth. With a tooth-colored filling, Dr. Dan can restore the natural shape, appearance, and function of your smile. You can avoid further pain and discomfort, as well as complications like a tooth infection. Learn more below, or contact us now if you think you need a filling in Charlotte. 

The Benefits

Of Composite fillings

We prefer to treat patients with composite fillings at Horizon Dental. This type of filling does not contain any metal, but is made from a blend of a special type of crushed glass and dental resin. It can be matched to the color of your tooth perfectly, providing you with a seamless dental restoration.

Additionally, composite fillings usually require less tooth preparation, and they bond very tightly to your natural enamel, so they help keep your tooth strong after placement. For these reasons, we recommend composite fillings to all patients at our office.

Do I need a Filling?

Signs of a decayed tooth

If you have a tooth that’s feeling sore and sensitive when you consume cold or hot foods or beverages, this could indicate a cavity. Your tooth may also feel tender when you chew, or when consuming very sugary drinks or foods. 

If you have a more advanced cavity, you may even feel an intermittent toothache, even when you’re not eating. You should get treatment right away, because a deep cavity can easily progress into an infected tooth without a filling.

Understanding the process

of a dental filling

First, Dr. Dan will numb and clean your mouth to prepare you for treatment. You can also choose to be sedated during your appointment, if you wish. Then, Dr. Dan will use a dental drill to trim away damaged enamel from your cavity, exposing healthy enamel.

After the tooth has been prepared, he will select a composite resin that matches your teeth perfectly, and apply it to the cavity layer-by-layer to rebuild your tooth. Once the tooth’s shape has been restored, Dr. Dan will harden the resin with a UV light, and use a dental drill to make further adjustments and ensure the filling does not interfere with your bite. 

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