Office Update

Dear Horizon Dental Family,

We are excited to announce that our office is slowly opening for all treatments and procedures starting next week (May 11)! As shelter in place regulations begin to lift across the country and we begin to re-enter a post-COVID-19 world, our patients’ and staff members’ health and safety continue to be top of mind.

We would also like to be transparent about sanitation standards in the health care space to ease any concerns you may have about seeing us. Our practice has always adhered to infection prevention protocols set by OSHA, the ADA, and the CDC. These standards include regular hand washing and hand sanitizer application, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), proper respiratory and cough etiquette, sterilize instruments and devices, cleaning, and disinfecting surfaces throughout the operatories and office.

Since your safety is our upmost priority, we have taken extra precautions that go beyond what the CDC and ADA recommend. Here are just some of those actions:

  • Air Filtration Devices – We will have 2 AirDoctor units that will be placed in the operatories when aerosols are produced. This will greatly reduce and potentially eliminate lingering aerosols. Please find more information here:
  • Electrolyzed Water – All water that will contact a patient will be “electrolyzed” killing the virus nearly instantaneously. This works by creating hypochlorous acid (HOCl) which is 100x more powerful than bleach and completely safe to humans. In fact, HOCl is in our blood and one of the most powerful biological oxidants generated by our white blood cells against invading pathogens. Please find more information here:
  • IsoDrys and ReLeaf – these are devices placed in the mouth that suction 90% of aerosols from our instruments. Some of you have used one of these devices already and really love it! Any time we are producing aerosols (ie. cleanings, fillings, etc.) we will use one of these. Please find more information here:

  • Thermometer testing and extra questioning – every team member and patient will be tested on arrival to the office with a forehead thermometer. A questionnaire will also be given over the phone and upon arrival.
  • Extra Cleaning – We will clean our suction lines 5 times more frequently than recommended to minimize the potentially lingering virus.

These are just a few of many steps we are taking that go further than what the CDC and ADA advise. If you want to find out more of what we are doing then please do not hesitate to call and we will answer any questions you may have. We are so happy to be open again and cannot wait to see you.

The Horizon Dental Team

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